From The Beginning

by - February 04, 2021

 from the beginning I was in love with this job,I don't like to say it is my birthday that is enough and I'm against with to do my birthday also I never do it,Today it was the day that I love and begin,service this job,I was service my job that it was photography or making short films, and made a lot of films,I will talk about ten types you will see that all have their meanings and seasons and natrually with their stories, 1/autumn 2/ramadan kareem 3/my life videographer 4/spring 5/the work of dramas 6/ br simo be different 7/istanbul 8/zoragva barzani 9/a story in amedi 10/engraved memories
I wish that I can service you and kurdistan, I saying that I'm value,now if you're searching on youtube 
and if you say (kurdistan natural)
taht be beginning this video and will be ending my job.

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